AR Experience platform solutions,Lenstudio/SparkAR like!


Enhance your world and applications

ARMOD is a powerful AR solution designed for artists and developers to build augmented reality experiences for hundreds of millions of Unity users. With its suite of Unity-compatible features, including custom shaders and advanced tracking technology, the possibilities are endless.

  1. Unparalleled Engagement

    Unity has a global user share of 45% by 2019. On average, 90% of all AR experiences are also developed in Unity. With the cross-platform nature of Unity, creators' creations and applications can be experienced by people around the world regardless of the device platform.


    ARMOD provides creators with a powerful authoring suite that includes simulators, builders and more, allowing creators to view, prototype, test and visualize powerful AR experiences in real time while running in the real world.

  3. Save time and effort

    Using Unity's cross-platform features, creators can experience AR on numerous platforms and devices such as Android, iOS, Hololens, Magicleap and other AR devices with just one build of AR experience content.

  4. Solid and unshakeable

    Relying on cloud technology, creators can add or modify AR experiences without modifying or adjusting applications already online, greatly reducing the potential for problems and time and labor costs.

  5. All kinds of exquisite

    AR experience content is completely isolated from the application to reduce the size of the application package! Host your content on the cloud with the ARMOD Dashboard for on-the-go and flexible management.

  6. Scriptable

    Whimsical AR creators are able to write scripts for more complex and creative AR experience interactions.

  7. Visual Scripting

    Visual scripting helps all team members create script logic using visual drag-and-drop diagrams instead of handwritten code.

  8. All-inclusive

    Multiple AR algorithms can be supported in a single AR application. For example, familiar SLAM algorithms, image tracking algorithms; amazing deep portrait rejection algorithms, etc.

  9. Free without watermark

    Looking at many SDKs on the market, despite their power and rich features, they are expensive, and not only that, they have annoying watermarks! And ARMOD is totally free, no watermark!

  10. Private Customization

    For higher requirements, we offer private deployment and cover feature customization